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Dr. Michelle Neubauer D.C. 

Dr. Michelle grew up in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota playing every sport imaginable, so she has always had a passion for living an active, healthy lifestyle. Michelle and her Husband, Mitch, own a fitness facility, Train Your Way Fitness, and that's where she personal trained for 6 years and learned to love helping others live healthier lifestyles through exercise and nutrition coaching before becoming a chiropractor. 

Dr. Michelle has a passion for creating a treatment plan that fits your individual body, lifestyle, needs, and preferences. She utilizes a variety of techniques to make sure you are comfortable and address the root causes of your symptoms and give you the tools to live a healthier, happier, and pain free lifestyle. She will not only treat you in the clinic, but she will give you things to do at home, so that you can work together as a team to see what works best for you. 


  • Sport's chiropractic, injury rehab & prevention

  • Children's & pediatric care

  • Functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle changes

  • Pregnancy & Women's health 

  • Weight management, digestive & hormonal health

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